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With more than 24 seasons logged, WWE Raw is one of the most celebrated events in all of professional wrestling - and it happens almost once a week! This is a touring show that lands in cities across the nation throughout the year, and is sometimes referred to as Monday Night Raw. Since beginning in 1993, WWE Raw has made it to several different nations, and continues to be an integral component of the larger story lines in professional wrestling. It has gone through many transformations, especially in the 1990s when the then-WWF was battling with other professional wrestling organizations for the highest ratings on Monday nights.

Memorable moments
The whole family will enjoy this high-flying, truly incredible event, and WWE Raw will likely be taking place in an area near you this year. The big pay-per-view WWE events might seem like the most important to watch, but WWE has had plenty of historic moments for the organization, and the sport for that matter. The '90s were filled with crossovers and crazy events at WWE Raw, including when the ECW invaded the WWE and fought its wrestlers in 1997. And who could forget back in 1998 when Vince McMahon - the owner of the WWE - was in a hospital room recovering, only to have Stone Cold Steve Austin come in and beat him up for a delighted audience? Speaking of Stone Cold, remember when he faced off against Mike Tyson that same year? Yes, that was a WWE Raw event. In 2002, after the convergence of the various professional wrestling organizations, fans in Chicago got to see Hulk Hogan square off against The Rock. No matter which WWE Raw you make it to, you can be sure that something memorable - and important to the sport - will happen.

Unforgettable atmosphere
If only one word could be used to describe the atmosphere at a WWE Raw, it would have to be ""electrifying."" The mixture of intriguing dialog and plot lines with the high-flying acrobatic fighting of the wrestlers brings a diverse range of individuals out each Monday night to witness this event. From watching an episode on the television, it should be clear that WWE fans hail from all sorts of backgrounds and regions. Think of it as a professional hockey game mixed with a little Broadway theater and a whole lot of crowd-to-performer interactions. This is an exciting and enjoyable experience for the whole family - get cheap WWE Raw tickets soon to watch some of the greatest athletes and performers in the world duke it out for respect in the professional wrestling scene! WWE Raw seasons generally begin in January and run through the year, and take place at a different city each Monday night. WWE Raw sells out pretty frequently, so don't get shut out when it comes to your town - purchase your tickets now and be a part of one of the biggest events of the year!

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