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About Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic is the most popular music comedian of today, inspiring millions of people with his satirical twist on hit songs. Nothing beats going to a Weird Al Yankovic concert to see the comedic genius live, so don't wait to get your cheap Weird Al Yankovic tickets today!

Rise to Fame

Alfred Matthew Yankovic was born and raised in California as an only child to his parents. Growing up his parents often instilled in him to do whatever made him happy. For his sixth birthday his parents bought him accordion lessons from a door to door salesman. For three years he would take lessons, eventually quitting to teach himself at his own pace. As a child Yankovic was extremely intelligent, he started kindergarten earlier than most children and he ended up skipping the second grade. As a result of his intelligence he often faced a lot of scrutiny and backlash. While he did not involve himself in sports or social events, he was quite active in extra-curricular activities. After graduating first in his class, Yankovic went on and received a bachelor’s degree in architecture from California Polytechnic State University.

When he was sixteen years old Dr. Demento who was a famous radio personality came and visited his high school. Knowing that he was coming, Yankovic recorded himself singing originals and covers on a tape and handed it to him. He would later go on to play this tape on his show, effectively launching Yankovic’s career. As a sophomore in college Yankovic got a job at the university’s radio station as a DJ. Known around the school as “Weird Al” he used this nickname as his professional persona. In 1979 the song “My Sharona” by The Knack was extremely popular, inspired by the song Yankovic decided to record a parody of it in the university bathroom (because it had great echo chamber acoustics). The result was “My Bologna”, which he sent in to his old friend Dr. Demento who instantly played it on his show. After positive feedback from the listeners Yankovic decided to participate on Dr. Demento’s stage show, his first time performing live in front of a large crowd. While on tour he caught the eye of musical manager Jay Levey who suggested the Yankovic form a band. Agreeing to do so auditions were held and in March of 1982 the band debuted as the opening act for Missing Persons. Having released over 15 albums and going on tour three times, Weird Al Yankovic has garnered himself quite the following.

With his witty lyrics and uncanny ability to come up with hilarious lyrics, Weird Al Yankovic has become one of the most beloved comedic musicians in the world. Some of his most popular hits include "Amish Paradise," "Eat It," "White & Nerdy," and "The Saga Begins," all parodies of popular songs. Don't miss your chance to see one of the world's comedic geniuses! Find a Weird Al show near you and get your cheap Weird Al concert tickets today!

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