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San Francisco Ballet Tickets

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About San Francisco Ballet

The San Francisco Ballet was founded nearly a century ago three brothers, Lew, Harold and William Christensen who remain famous for their undying devotion to ballet and their dedication to making it a force in America. It was the first professional ballet company in America and remains one of the world's most critically acclaimed ballet companies. They currently reside in San Francisco's War Memorial Opera House, performing well over 100 shows every single year. The San Francisco Ballet is often grouped in with the New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theater as being the three great modern American ballet companies. The Christensen brothers, who studied dance as children, are responsible for bringing ballet to much of the United States for the very first time. When they founded the San Francisco Ballet Company, their vision of a truly American ballet program was realized, a vision that still thrives today. The San Francisco Ballet attracts the top talent in ballet from all over the world, incredible dancers and athletes who dream of becoming ballet performers from a young age. Don't miss your chance to behold the top tier of ballet mastery next time you're in San Francisco- buy cheap tickets now while you can.