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About American Ballet Theatre

Widely considered to be America's official national ballet company, the American Ballet Theatre, or ABT, is a classically-focused group that resides in New York City, performing annually at both the Lincoln Center's Metropolitan Opera House and the David H. Koch Theater, with a busy touring schedule that takes up the rest of their time each year. First founded by ballet experts Lucia Chase and Mikhail Mordkin (who also holds the distinction of bringing Swan Lake to the states) in 1937 under the name of the "Mordkin Ballet", the company's international roots are a perfect testament to the American melting pot- and the company still attracts international talent to this day. Performing a wide and eclectic range of pieces that trace origins back to diverse cultures across the globe, the American Ballet Theater is the perfect embodiment of what American art represents- the melding of various cultures, visions and ideas into a beautiful tapestry that results from the work of many talented artists. The American Ballet Theatre is truly one of the world's great dance companies, and the stunning beauty of its productions cannot truly be appreciated unless its seen in person- find your cheap tickets to see America's National Ballet Company, the American Ballet Theatre, today.

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