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Since 1951 the NBA All-Star game has been the best way to see all of the NBAs current greats duking it out for an exhibition game that is never lacking in high-flying dunks and incredible theatrics.

Held over the course of All-Star Weekend, a three day event that generally takes place in the early spring before the final stretch of the regular season, the NBA All-Star game starting lineup is currently selected by fan ballot, while the remainder of the lineup is filled out by vote according to the coaches of each conference. The teams are coached by each conference's coach who's team holds the best regular season record.

The theatricality that accompanies the All-Star game is immense, as is the sense of fun among the players as the usually brutal competitive spirit is replaced by a more light-hearted desire to put on a show.

And put on a show they do, providing crowds with traditionally unseen player pairings for bombastic results.

Huge musical acts are also known to perform at halftime, including past performances by Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber and Elton John, among many others. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind annual NBA event. Get your tickets now!

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