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Meek Mill is one of the hottest hip hop artists on today's rap scene, known for his sharp free styling, creative mixing, and ongoing rap wars with other artists like Drake. A Meek Mill concert is guaranteed to be electrifying and surprising, so get your cheap Meek Mill tickets here!

A Struggle to the Top

Meek Mill was born and raised in Philadelphia under the name Robert Rihmeek Williams. When he was only five years old he lost his father to a violent death in an attempted robbery, leaving his mother alone to raise two young children. Suddenly a single mother of two, Mill’s mother began working jobs on the side and shoplifting to provide for her family. Home alone most of his childhood Mill became very shy and only spoke to close family and friends. From a young age he was influenced musically by his uncle who was a pioneering DJ for the Philadelphia hip-hop music scene. After being exposed to the genre by his uncle he began listening to Chic Raw and Vodka, whom he also credits his early involvement in the genre. When he was a teenager, he started writing hip hop and getting involved in rap battles. With a group of three friends he formed The Bloodhoundz and together they released four mixtapes, but it was not until the release of his solo tape in 2008 that he would get the attention of the music industry. He was offered record deals by both Grand Hustle Records and Warner Bros. Records, ultimately choosing to sign with Grand Hustle. His progress with the label was almost immediately put on hold when he got arrested for gun and drug possession in 2008.

Upon his release from prison Mills worked with rap legend T.I. for several years releasing dozens of mixtapes. His debut single "Tupac Back," was released in 2011, and his popularity began to blossom. Still releasing music today, some of his hit singles include "I'm a Boss," "Dreams and Nightmares," and "House Party."


Since the beginning of his music career Mill has been no stranger to controversy. From his criminal record to his public feuds with other rappers, he is known to be one to stir up drama. Some of the more major feuds/battles he has gotten into are with rappers Drake and Kendrick Lamar. With most of Mill’s feuds they result in rap battles where the two release songs taking hits at one another.

Meek Mill concerts are intense experiences, full of passion, emotion, and creative free styling, making Meek Mill concerts wildly popular. Don't wait to get your cheap Meek Mill concert tickets, or they might be sold out!

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