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About Green Bay Packers

Football season is almost here, Cheeseheads! You'll soon find Green Bay Packer tickets for sale for all of the year's exciting games. Many Packers fans have already enjoyed Packers preseason tickets to enjoy their favorite football franchise in the off-season. Getting the first Packer tickets of the season isn't easy, but Packer game tickets are worth the wait! You'll soon be able to see your favorite players out on the field in their signature green or navy blue and gold uniforms. The team has the second most members in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, so you're sure to see amazing plays. Check the Packers schedule to get your tickets.

History of the Green Bay Packers

Earl "Curly" Lambeau, the founder of the Packers franchise, placed the first Green Bay Packers tickets for sale in 1919. The franchise began as a combination of local small-town teams; many of the first-round of players, including Lambeau himself, came from neighboring towns and cities.

Curly went on to help fill stadiums and sell Green Bay tickets as the franchise's coach until 1950. Lambeau remained a fixture in Green Bay, Wisconsin until his death in 1965, setting a record for the most coached wins in the team's history. Today, you can find Green Bay Packer tickets at the ticket booth at the team's home: Lambeau Field.

The Green Bay Packers' Stadium: Lambeau Field

Originally built as City Stadium, the home of the Green Bay Packers became Lambeau Field after Curly Lambeau died in 1965. Since then, iconic coaches like Vince Lombardi and legendary players like Brett Favre have played there, greatly bolstering the sale of Green Bay Packers tickets. The stadium needed to be expanded once popular coach Vince Lombardi was hired, and more seating was added because of the popularity of Packer game tickets.

The Packers have three separate practice facilities just across the street from Lambeau Field.

Did you know these facts about the Green Bay Packers?

  • The Packers play in one of the largest stadiums in the league. It can accommodate more than 80,000 fans.
  • Green Bay has served as the home for the Packers for almost a century, and the Packers have won the most league championships of any team.
  • A Cheesehead is a superfan of the Green Bay Packers. Many even wear a plastic block of cheese on their heads to show love for their team.

The Biggest Green Bay Packers Rivalries

Over their long history, the Green Bay Packers have had several epic rivalries.

Packers vs Chicago Bears

The most famous is the rivalry with the Chicago Bears, which goes back to 1921. These teams are close geographically, so each team wants to be the best in the region.

Packers vs Minnesota Vikings

This rivalry began in 1961, and Vikings vs. Green Bay Packer tickets for sale tend to sell out quickly. The Vikings represent Minnesota, so proximity breeds competitiveness.

Packers vs Detroit Lions

Originally called the Portsmouth Spartans, the Lions moved to Detroit in 1934 and continue this fierce rivalry to this very day. Today, the Packers play against the Lions at least twice per season.

Frequently Asked Questions About Green Bay Packers

How Much do Packers Tickets Cost?

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Can You Buy Green Bay Packers Tickets?

Green Bay Packers fans can buy their tickets for the 2024 season here on CheapTickets. Count on CheapTickets to provide you with affordable tickets to see the Green Bay Packers play. Simply look through the schedule, find the game you’d want to attend, and browse the seating chart to get the best tickets for you!

What are the Best Seats at Lambeau Field?

Green Bay Packers games always have a great ambiance in Lambeau Field. Fans do prefer Sections 112 through 118 because it throws them into the middle of the fun. The benches along the lower level sidelines also give a great vantage point of the game. However, no matter where you sit, you’re guaranteed a view of the game. Be sure to get your affordable seats on CheapTickets!

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