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About Giselle

A classic story for the stage, Giselle has swept audiences up with its elegance and drama for nearly two centuries. Now, you can immerse yourself in the beauty by picking up your cheap Giselle tickets here!

Innocence Redeems a Transgression

Young, naive Giselle is a peasant girl who has the unfortunate luck to fall deeply in love with a dashing but deceptive aristocrat. Her beloved, Albrecht, is destined to marry another, and when Giselle finds out she dies in her unhappiness. However, she finds in the afterworld that there is the chance for revenge when she meets the Wilis. The Wilis, led by Queen Myrtha, are the spirits of young women who have died of broken hearts, transgressed against by careless men. They want Giselle to join them in haunting Albrecht, forcing him to dance to his death, but Giselle resists. Her love allows her to forgive Albrecht, both saving his life and allowing her to rest in peace. Giselle debuted in 1841 in Paris, France, and was immediately a sensation. Not only is it one of the most moving ballets ever performed, but it is also one of the most technically difficult. Only the best ballet dancers can take on its challenges, shining on stage with every twist, turn, and lift.

See one of the most enduring stories the stage has ever hosted, slipping into the elegance of the theatre. Disappear into the magic of the ballet by getting your cheap Giselle tickets today!

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