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About Cincinnati Bengals

Ohio's two NFL teams—the Bengals from Cincinnati and the Browns from Cleveland—were both co-founded by Paul Brown. The Bengals have had enormous success…as well as a 15-year low period in the NFL. But they overcame their '90s slump, and the Bengals have been playing well ever since. And their ever-loyal fans have continued to buy Bengals tickets religiously, for the love of the game. If you're likewise looking for Cincinnati Bengals tickets, you can expect to see some truly electrifying football on the grassy field of the Bengals Stadium.

History of the Bengals

Paul Brown, the successful former coach and co-founder of the Cleveland Browns, was kicked out by the new franchise owner of the team in 1963. Three years later, Brown co-founded the Cincinnati Bengals in the American Football League. He worked as their first head coach until his retirement in 1975, and he remained as team president until his death in 1991.

After the 1990 season, the Bengals went 15 years without making the playoffs or achieving a winning record. Their performance has improved since Marvin Lewis was hired as head coach in 2003 and Andy Dalton joined the Bengals as quarterback in 2011. The Bengals have made the playoffs every season since Andy Dalton joined the team.

The Cincinnati Bengals Stadium

Paul Brown Stadium opened nine years after he passed away. The stadium is located in downtown Cincinnati and has a seating capacity of 65,515. It's sometimes referred to as "The Jungle," which is not only a reference to Bengal tigers, but also the Guns N' Roses song, "Welcome to the Jungle." If you purchase Bengals tickets, you can experience this state-of-the-art facility for yourself, as well as its Jungle Zone, a pregame event complete with music, food, drinks and games.

Natural Kentucky Bluegrass was used in the field for the first four years, but it was changed to FieldTurf due to maintenance problems. The Jungle's Kentucky Bluegrass field was labeled one of the three worst NFL fields, but it makes for a great bit of sports trivia.

Did you know these facts about the Bengals?

  • When Paul Brown was fired by the new owner of the Cleveland Browns, he took the equipment with him because he owned the rights to it. He reused the equipment for the Bengals until they had unique uniforms designed for the team.
  • A linebacker for the Bengals, Reggie Williams, served on the Cincinnati City Council at the same time that he played in the NFL.
  • Their defensive line for Superbowl XVI was nicknamed WEBB: Wilson Whitley, Eddie Edwards, Gary Burley, and Ross Browner.

The Biggest Bengals Rivalries

Two of the Bengals' biggest rivalries are with the Browns and Steelers. Their rivalry with the Browns leads to some impressive football games. Keep a close eye on the Cincinnati Bengals schedule, and be sure to purchase Cincinnati Bengals tickets when they play their biggest rivals.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns

Yes, this one’s an obvious choice, but this rivalry led to two of the highest-scoring games in the NFL, ever. Getting your cheap Bengals tickets is a must when they are set to play the Browns because it's bound to be an exciting game. During a 1989 game between the Bengals and Seahawks, Sam Wyche scolded fans who were throwing debris from the stands by saying, "You don't live in Cleveland, you live in Cincinnati!"

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Bengals and Steelers have been rivals ever since being placed in the same division in 1970. Their rivalry is so strong that even during the Bengals' bleak period through the '90s they would sometimes find a way to win against the Steelers. Bengals game tickets tend to go up in value when these well-known rivals play.

In an interview, and after undergoing surgery for an accidental injury caused by Steeler player Kimo von Oelhoffen, Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer was quoted as saying, "I hate the Steelers more than I hate UCLA." Thanks to this rivalry, it's always worth buying Bengals football tickets to a Bengals-Steelers game. Whatever game you choose, make sure to act quickly as Bengal tickets tend to go fast.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cincinnati Bengals

How Much are Cincinnati Bengals Tickets?

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How Can I Watch the Bengals Game?

The best way to watch the Bengals game is by attending the live game itself. With amenities and great views of the game, fans do not want to miss out on the excitement. Purchase your Cincinnati Bengals tickets through CheapTickets to experience the Bengals live!

Can You Buy Bengals Tickets at the Stadium?

Cincinnati Bengals tickets are only individually sold online. Tickets are unfortunately not sold directly on game day at the Paul Brown Stadium. However, CheapTickets is a reliable and easy-to-use online platform for Bengals fans looking to find the best seats at affordable prices!

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