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About Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Heated arguments and brawls are hallmarks of an intense rivalry. Even though these bursts charge the players in both teams to perform better, they also entertain the fans. The Bengals-Steelers rivalry is unique however. While this contest has all the elements of a traditional rivalry such as fights, brutal hits, fines and penalties, it has also changed the way football is played. Did you know that the Carson Palmer rule and the Hines Ward rule came into being because of the Bengals and the Steelers? A number of other rules, reminders and clarifications were also encoded in the NFL because of these two teams. Needless to say, more often than not, whenever these two teams have faced off, it has been full of memorable moments.

Memorable Moments between the Bengals and the Steelers

How it all started – This AFC North rivalry began in 1970 when the Bengals met the Steelers at home, the Three Rivers Stadium. The Steelers were then led by their 22-year-old future Hall of Famer QB Terry Bradshaw. While the game lacked drama, it nevertheless marked the beginning of a nasty rivalry. The Steelers won the first encounter 21-10.

When David Klingler couldn’t throw the ball –A game in 1992 would be remembered as one of the most one-sided contest between these two rivals. The Steelers defense sacked David Klingler, a rookie QB, 10 times and won the game 30-0.

When the Cincinnati Bengals accused the Pittsburgh Steelers of being criminal – Despite playing 93 regular season games between them, the Bengals and the Steelers have faced off only twice in the playoffs. This is the tale of their first post-season face off. It was a wild card game in 2005 and the two sides were equally competitive. That is till Pittsburgh defensive tackle Kimo von Oelhoffen hit Bengals QB Carson Palmer. It was no ordinary football tackle either, because it destroyed Palmer’s knee ligaments. The Bengals lost the game 17-31 and they accused Oelhoffen of being a criminal. Palmer underwent months of rehabilitation.

Steelers vs. Bengals - Head-to-Head Statistics

This is the Pittsburgh Steelers head to head record against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Games Played Wins Losses Tied Games Win %age Points Scored Points Allowed
105 67 38 0 .638 2309 1855

As mentioned earlier, the two teams have also played two post-season games, and the Steelers have won both. The longest winning streak the Bengals have over the Steelers is of 6 games. And as for the Steelers over Bengals, their longest winning streak is of 8 games.

Bengals and Steelers Hall of Famers

The Steelers Hall of Fame list is reflective of its long history and impressive achievements. These include 6 Super Bowl Championships. Some of the famous football players who’ve played for the franchise are,

Terry Bradshaw – Bradshaw played 14 seasons with the Steelers as QB and had one of the most powerful arms in the League. He won 4 Super Bowls for the Steelers.

Lynn Swann – Swann was Steelers star wide receiver who played an integral part in the Steelers Super Bowl wins.

Bill Dudley – A two time pro bowl pick, Dudley was NFL’s Most Valuable player in 1946. A relatively younger team, some of the famous Cincinnati Bengals are,

Anthony Muñoz – He played 13 seasons with the Bengals and is considered to be one of the greatest offensive linesmen in NFL history.

Charlie Joiner – When he retired, he had the NFL record for most receiving yards and receptions of any wide receiver.

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