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About Carol Burnett

A pioneer of female-driven comedy, Carol Burnett has kept audiences in stitches for over fifty years with her wit and physicality. A living comedic legend, cheap Carol Burnett tickets are in high demand. Snag yours here for an evening of clever quips and hilarious slapstick!

From hardship, an uncanny humorist is born
Born in San Antonio, Carol Burnett had a difficult childhood, her parents struggling with alcoholism and marital problems. After relocating with her grandmother to Hollywood, Carol Burnett grew up immersed in the world of entertainment. She stumbled into acting accidentally, required to take an acting class as part of her playwriting program. Initially shy and introverted, Carol Burnett found that comedic acting gave her a joy and freedom that had been missing from her life. After graduating from UCLA, she moved to New York City. She struggled with small gigs, finding some work on the cabaret circuit, until her breakout performance in Once Upon a Mattress. Her performance garnered her a Tony nomination and the respect of the entertainment industry. In 1967 she launched The Carol Burnett Show, a variety show that earned 23 Emmy Awards and made her a household name. With an imminent return to TV on an Amy Poehler-produced comedy, Carol Burnett demonstrates that timeless humor crosses generations.

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