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About Carlos Vives

Carlos Vives made waves not only in Latin America but also all around the world when he debuted his unique blend of vallenato and rock music. As a TV star and sensational musician, cheap Carlos Vives tickets are in high demand. Loyal fans will stop at nothing to see this sizzling performer live, so make sure you grab your tickets here to secure your seat at a Carlos Vives concert near you!

Success in a new beginning
Hailing from Colombia, Carlos Vives first got involved in the entertainment industry by acting in telenovelas. In 1986 he released his debut album, the first of a trio of largely unsuccessful ballad records. His big break came in 1991, when he secured the role of vallenato composer Rafael Escalona in a TV show. Gaining exposure to the genre through the show, Carlos Vives turned away from ballads towards vallenato. In 1993 he released an album of vallenato-inspired rock, a controversial move that upset genre purists but ignited the rest of Latin America. The album won the Billboard Latin Music Awards Best Album and propelled Carlos Vives to international fame. Carlos Vives continued to release hit albums of his signature fusion vallenato rock music, blending even more nuanced elements into the sound. In 2016 Carlos Vives and Shakira recorded the single "La Bicicleta," which debuted at the top of the charts.

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