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Burning Man Tickets

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About Burning Man

The Burning Man festival dates back to 1986, when friends Larry Harvey and Jerry James decided to burn an eight-foot wooden figure as an act of artistic expression. That first year the burning took place on San Francisco's Baker Beach in the company of 20 like-minded artists, and it marked the start of the movement we see today. The burning of the wooden man continued every year on Baker Beach until 1989, with the height of the man growing, as well as the attendance numbers. In 1990 the gathering moved to the Black Rock Desert area of northern Nevada. Over 100 participants descended on the desert area that year, creating a temporary settlement dedicated entirely to artistic expression, known as "Black Rock City."

Black Rock City
The Burning Man festival continues to call northern Nevada home, with tens of thousands revelers grabbing cheap tickets and arriving at the festival site every year to help build the temporary Black Rock City. What ensues is a week-long festival dedicated to principles of collaboration, community, art and self-expression. Burning Man takes place every year around Labor Day, with 2016's event occuring between Aug. 28- Sep 5.

Promoting artistic events
Revelers at Burning Man are regarded as active participants in the event, with many encouraged to sign up to participate in a number of artistic events, from community music performances to ritualized dance processions. Guests, however, are not required to perform. Rather many arrive, cheap tickets in hand, to observe the wealth of artistic events put on by others. The only requirements of guests is that they adhere to the 10 founding principles of the festival: Radical inclusion, gifting, decommodification, radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, communal effort, civic responsibility, leaving no trace, participation and immediacy. This year's event promises to be unmissable, so festival fans should act fast to get their burning man tickets today!