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About Belmont Stakes Racing Festival

The Belmont Stakes Racing Festival carries on the revered traditions of horse racing, featuring the Belmont Stakes as the jewel of its crown. Racing fans will be eagerly glued to their televisions to see the race to the finish, but nothing beats experiencing the celebratory atmosphere of actually being at the races. Whether you're looking for a single day pass or full weekend access, you can find your cheap Belmont Stakes Racing Festival tickets here!

Celebrate quality racing in the Belmont Park grandstand
The Belmont Stakes Racing Festival celebrates the refined elegance of horse racing. Feel the kick of adrenaline as the gates clack open and the horses shoot out onto the track. Cheer on your favorite as the jockeys urge their mounts on and the horses kick up dirt as they sprint towards the finish. As a Triple Crown event, the Belmont Stakes is one of the oldest and most prestigious racing events in the world, with the champion securing fame and fortune as soon as his hoof crosses the finish line. In 2015 American Pharoah and jockey Victor Espinoza ignited the world when they became the first Triple Crown winners in thirty-seven years, joining the ranks of racing legends like Secretariat, Seattle Slew, and Affirmed.

Whether you're a fervent fan of racing or a new initiate, the Belmont Stakes Racing Festival is the perfect way to kick off the summer racing season. Pick up your cheap Belmont Stakes Racing Festival tickets here for an unforgettable day at the races!

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