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About Alice In Wonderland Jr.

Jump into the topsy-turvy world of Wonderland with your family in a whole new way by following Alice's journey in live theater! See joy light up the faces of your young Disney fans by getting your cheap Alice in Wonderland Jr. tickets today!

A journey into oneself

Disney's 1951 film captured imaginations around the world with its tale of courage and self-discovery. Alice is a curious girl, and she finds herself in an even "curious-er" world when she follows the White Rabbit down a never-ending rabbit hole. Join her as she uses all her wits and courage to make her way through this strange new land. As with all the Disney Jr. shows, Alice in Wonderland Jr. features talented child and teen actors, showcasing rising talent and sparking the imagination of young audience members. This shortened version of Alice's adventures still features fan-favorite songs like "I'm Late," "The Unbirthday Song," and "Painting the Roses Red." Audiences of all ages will be delighted when Alice's journey of self-discovery leads her back to her life outside of Wonderland, where the lessons she learned of bravery and confidence will continue to serve her well.

Alice in Wonderland Jr. is a great way to introduce the beauty and magic of live theatre to the little ones in your life! Create magical memories with your family and friends by getting your cheap Alice in Wonderland Jr. tickets today!

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