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The Boston Red Sox can trace their history all the way back to the 1870s, when Ban Johnson, the founder of the original baseball league, Ban Johnson, decided that Boston was an ideal city to host a team that could be entered into the league. Fast forward to 1901, and the Red Sox appeared in their first incarnation as The Boston Americans. They played their very first game against the Baltimore Orioles on April 26, 1901, losing 10-6. Luckily, the defeat wasn't a sign of things to come: The team came in second place that season, before subsequently defeating Pittsburgh and winning their first World Series in 1903.

In 1907, The Boston Americans transitioned into the team we know and love today - The Boston Red Sox. Their reinvention marked the start of a highly successful streak, with the team winning the World Championships in 1912, 1915, 1916 and 1918. Hall of fame legends Tris Speaker and Harry Hooper led the team to victory during those illustrious years, and in 1914 the Red Sox introduced one of their most iconic players to date, the renowned Babe Ruth. Ruth was just 19 years old in 1914, but his entrance marked the start of a long and famed career with the Sox - a career that included 89 wins over six seasons, and 29 homers in 1919 alone.

Ruth was later sold to the Yankees, and many credit the move for engendering the start of one of the longest championship win droughts on record. Colloquially known as the "Curse of the Bambino" among longtime fans, the drought lasted a staggering 86 years before finally being broken in 2004, when the team beat the St.Louis Cardinals, securing the World Championship title. Despite the drought, the Red Sox have remained one of the most prominent and popular major league baseball teams in the U.S., with fans desperate to get their hands on cheap tickets every season.

Since 1912, the Red Sox have called the iconic Fenway Park in Boston home. The stadium was expanded and rebuilt in 1934, and boasts a nighttime seating capacity of 37,221, with room for 6,472 in the bleachers.The park was named "Fenway" in 1912 by the owner at the time, John I. Taylor. He allegedly said "It's in the Fenway section of Boston, isn't it? Then call it Fenway Park." Tens of thousands of fans flock to Fenway for each home game, with many buying cheap Red Sox tickets beforehand, and others trying their luck on game day. In 2014 alone, an average of 36,495 fans attended each game throughout the season, and in the decade spanning 2003-2013, the Red Sox sold out every single home game.

Since 2004, the Red Sox have continued to ride a tidal wave of success, winning the World Championship in both 2007 and 2013. They are notably the first MLB team to secure 3 World Series wins in the 21st Century. The Red Sox are also one of the league's most famous and talked about teams, with their intense rivalry with the New York Yankees often making headlines. Notable players on this year's roster include David Price, Pablo Sandoval, and of course, the much loved David Ortiz, or "Big Papi" as he is more affectionately known by fans. Ortiz has become one of the most famous and celebrated Red Sox players of the 21st Century, enhancing his chances of an entrance into the illustrious hall of fame.

With a strong lineup, the Red Sox's success is likely to endure in the years to come, enhanced by a loyal and dedicated fan base that will no doubt continue to buy Red Sox tickets and support their favorite players.

Did you know these facts about the Boston Red Sox?

  • Red Sox player Ted Williams set the record for the farthest home run in Fenway Park. In 1946, Ted hit a 502-foot home run.
  • It is tradition for players on the opposing team to sign their name on the inside of the Green Monster at their first Fenway game.
  • Fenway Park's press box is the biggest out of any stadium in the MLB.
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