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About New York Jets vs. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys and the New York Jets both entered the NFL in the 1960 season but in 60 years the teams have only played each other 12 times. The Cowboys have two more wins vs the Jets but the Jets are determined to level the score in future matchups. Since the teams only play each other every so often, games between them are exciting to watch. CheapTickets has tickets to all Jets vs Cowboys games.

Cowboys vs Jets Games

The first Jets vs Cowboys games was not until 11 years after the two teams entered the NFL. The Cowboys crushed the Jets with a 52-10 victory and continued to win the next three teams. The Jets however have built their team up to face off against the Cowboys in recent years, winning the last three games. Unless the teams see each other in the postseason, Dallas only goes to New York every eight years or so. When the Cowboys show up to MetLife Stadium or when the Jets fly down to AT&T Stadium, football fans cannot wait to get tickets. All Jets vs Cowboys games can be found of CheapTickets, check the schedule to find out when the teams play next.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cowboys vs Jets

How many times have the Cowboys beat the Jets?

As of 2021, the Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets have only played each other 12 times. The Cowboys lead the series with seven wins over the Jets who only have five wins.

Who has more Super Bowl wins Cowboys or Jets?

The Dallas Cowboys have five Super Bowl wins since starting in the league in 1960. The New York Jets joined the NFL the same year, but only have one Super Bowl win.

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