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About Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers

The Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers have one of the most prolific rivalries in the NFL. This is a rivalry that can be traced back all the way to the 1970’s and has sustained through seven postseason matchups as well.

The Cowboys and the 49ers don’t get to play each other too often. In fact, they don’t even play each other every year. Due to the rotating division schedules in the NFL, the teams only play each other once every three years or, in the event that both teams top their respective divisions, they play one another the following season.

So while their matchups don’t occur too frequently, whenever the Cowboys and the 49ers meet on the field, their games are absolutely electrifying.

Memorable Matc-ups Between the Cowboys and the 49ers

Known as one of the best rivalries in the NFL, the Cowboys and the 49ers have had no shortage of memorable games and moments on the field. Here are some of the unforgettable moments between the two rivals.

The Catch

January 10, 1982 – The NFC Championship game between the Cowboys and the 49ers would go down as one of the most historic games of all time thanks to one play. In the final minute of the game, 49ers quarterback Joe Montana whipped the ball into the end zone where it was caught by Dwight Clark. The catch involved him reaching up and gripping the ball using his fingertips. The 49ers would beat the Cowboys 28-27 and eventually win the Super Bowl against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Standing over the Star

September 24, 2000 – – One of the most infamous incidents in the Cowboys-49ers rivalry took place on this day. 49ers wide receiver Terrell Owens, after scoring a touchdown, ran to midfield and celebrated by standing over the Dallas Cowboys star. Everyone was shocked. When the Cowboys scored the next touchdown, running back Emmitt Smith ran to midfield, threw the ball on to the star and glared at the 49ers' bench. It didn’t end there, when Owens tried to stand over the star again after another play, he was leveled by Cowboys safety George Teague. When he got up, he went and stood over the star one more time.

A History of their Meetings

The Dallas Cowboys have played against the San Francisco 49ers a total of 28 times in the regular season. Here is a look at the Dallas Cowboys head to head record against the San Francisco 49ers.

Games Played Wins Losses Tied Games Win %age Points Scored Points Allowed
28 12 15 1 0.446 641 741

The Cowboys have faced the San Francisco 49ers seven times in the postseason and won five of those games. The Cowboys have a win percentage of 0.714% against the 49ers. They have scored a total of 184 points against the Cowboys in these games and allowed a total of 148 points in return.

Top Players in Both Camps

The Dallas Cowboys are often referred to as America’s Team. They didn’t get this endearing moniker without featuring some of the best talent in the NFL. This includes the likes of Emmitt Smith, the all-time NFL rushing leader, Larry Allen, one of the best interior offensive linemen in NFL history, and Michael Irvin, also known as the Playmaker and one of the best wide receivers to play in the NFL.

The 49ers have also had incredible players on their team. This includes Joe Montana, the hall of fame quarterback and three time Super Bowl MVP, Terrell Owens, the impeccable wide receiver who is the only player in the NFL to have scored a touchdown against every team in the league, and Jerry Rice, one of the greatest wide receivers of all time.

The Cowboys vs. 49ers in the 2024 NFL Season

The 2024 NFL season may see the Cowboys face off against the 49ers. If you want to see these two teams play one another, you’ll need to get a pair of Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers tickets. First, figure out when they will be playing against each other by looking at the Dallas Cowboys schedule and the San Francisco 49ers schedule. Then, identify the best seats in each stadium by looking at the AT&T Stadium and Levi's Stadium seating charts. With this information, you can get the best deal on cheap Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers tickets from here.

Frequently Asked Questions About 49ers vs Cowboys

Who has more rings Cowboys or 49ers?

The Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers both have five Super Bowl. They are tied for 3rd in Super Bowl wins, since both the Steelers and Patriots have six rings. See the NFL schedule to find cheap tickets for all the best matchups.

How many times have the 49ers beat the Cowboys?

The score between the 49ers and the Cowboys over the years is very close. Out of the 37 times the teams have met on the field, the Cowboys have won 19 games which makes it only 17 for the 49ers. The teams play each other in the upcoming 2024 season when the 49ers head to Dallas.

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