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For family fun in the afternoon sun or in the cool evening shade in St. Louis, Missouri, not much comes close to a game of major league baseball to celebrate the joys of spring, summer and fall. Saint Louis Cardinals tickets are the way to go to kick off some fun with the entire family or with a group of friends who love their favorite Central Division hometown baseball team.

If a family is on a budget, it is always possible to search our website to find the best bargains and cheap Cardinals tickets while still being sure the whole family has a fantastic time. There is no need to miss the single crack of a bat at Busch Stadium during any baseball season. The perfect way for fans to ensure they don't miss a moment's excitement taking place on the diamond is to purchase season tickets Cardinals. Purchasing season tickets provides entertainment all baseball season long.

The inaugural Cardinals team began in the American Association of baseball in 1882. They were first called the St. Louis Brown Stockings then made a short stint as the Perfectos in 1899. The baseball organization settled on the current Cardinals moniker in 1900. They were no flash in the pan right from the beginning since the Brown Stockings won AA pennants four years in a row from 1885-1888. This classic Midwestern team is known for its long-lived and long-standing friendly rivalry with the Chicago Cubs, originally named the White Stockings as a part of the National League, which was due to their meeting in an early version of the World Series, so these games always bring a great buzz of excitement for both cities.

The team continues to has continued to have a strong record over the years, experiencing a highly compelling cinderella story as recently as 2011 when they nearly made it to the Wild Card race but fell short behind the Atlanta Braves.

When families visit the park, kids will have the opportunity to see Fredbird, the St. Louis Cardinals' official team mascot, which is in fact a cardinal. It's a treat for everyone to see a life-sized embodiment of the team's spirit walking around the park, greeting the kids and taking photos with the whole family. Also, while not officially a mascot, Buschie the Rally Squirrel made his way across home plate during the 2011 post-season in Games 4 and 5 and has made a spot in the hearts of Cardinals' fans.

The Cardinals are consistently an exciting, fun and compelling team to watch for fervent fans of baseball and is perfect for the entire family or a group of good friends looking for a great way to spend the day and enjoy their favorite sport. St. Louis Cardinals tickets won't fail to deliver the best in entertainment value. A visit to the beautiful downtown Busch Stadium will give everyone a perfect view of a solid and long-standing baseball team with a rich history and strong fan base. Buy your St. Louis Cardinals tickets here!

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