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For 87 years, the New York Yankees played in the same stadium in the Bronx. In that span of time, New York Yankees tickets have seated millions of fans. Those fans have seen 27 World Series championships and 40 American League Championship teams.

Consider this fact: In the 100-plus year Yankee/Red Sox American League rivalry between Boston and New York, the Sox have only won seven World Series titles. In fact, all the other American League East teams combined have only won 12.

In those 87 years, Yankees fans watched the likes of George Herman "Babe" Ruth Jr., Joe "the Yankee Clipper” DiMaggio, Lou "the Iron Horse" Gehrig, Reggie "Mr. October" Jackson, Don "Donnie Baseball" Mattingly and Derek "Mr. November" Jeter.

In "the house Ruth built," New York constructed the storied American sports legacy in history. Then George Steinbrenner pitched a change.

In the 1980s, Steinbrenner began proposing a new stadium. Almost 30 years later his dream was fulfilled, just a few months before his death. While Steinbrenner was challenged by doubters and critics, the stadium he eventually built – save everything else he accomplished as the New York Yankees' owner – instantaneously put his name alongside the other Yankee greats.

Steinbrenner's respect and guard for Yankee tradition was never in question. Today's Yankee Stadium is a testament to that fact.

The new Yankee Stadium was built with regard for the finest aesthetic aspects of the old stadium. From the Indiana limestone exterior to the frieze lining the roof, Steinbrenner Field at Yankee Stadium offers a wonderful view of the architectural reverence the new stadium offers its predecessor.

Upon entrance, the southern side of Yankee Stadium features the Great Hall, a corridor in memoriam to all the Yankee greats. Above each gate entrance, in gold-leaf lettering, is the name of the stadium. The lower bowl of the stadium (which consists of the Legend's Suite and Field sections) seats two-thirds of the fans. The grandstand, terrace, bleachers and main levels seat the other third. 51,000 is the seating capacity.

Constructing one the most expensive baseball stadium in Major League Baseball history began initially in 2006. Completed in 2010, Yankee Stadium currently stands as third most expensive stadium of any kind in the world, behind only Wembley Stadium in London and MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

This year's ticket prices (depending on the visiting team and time of the season) range from cheap New York Yankees tickets at only a few dollars per person for bleacher seating to several thousands for lower-level seating behind home plate. Stadium parking costs between $35 and $48.

If you live in New York, love the Yankees or just appreciate a great story, go visit the new Yankee Stadium. With the plushest of accommodations and the winningest team in American sports history, Yankee Stadium is what sports fans are looking for when in search of the best.

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