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The All Star Game for the National Basketball Association is intended to be a game between the best players in the Eastern Conference and the best players in the Western Conference. The starting players are chosen by votes from the fans, so that the starting player for each position is the player who receives the most votes for that position. The head coaches of that team’s conference vote for the reserve players, except that a coach cannot vote for players from his own team. This selection process ensures that tickets to the NBA All Star Game will be in high demand.

The first NBA All Star Game was held in 1951, with the Eastern All Stars defeating the Western All Stars 111-94. The fans bought 10,094 tickets to the NBA All Star Game, which was nearly three times the average attendance of 3,500 during the 1951 regular season. The NBA All Star Game originated from a desire to regain public support for the NBA after the point-shaving scandal in college basketball broke in 1951. Maurice Podoloff, President of the NBA, did not think the game would be successful. Walter A. Brown, the owner of the Boston Celtics, persuaded Podoloff to hold the game by offering to host the first All Star Game and cover any losses from the game. Brown did not need to reimburse the NBA due to the overwhelming success of tickets to the NBA All Star Game.

The NBA All Star Game has the same rules as all other NBA games. The primary difference is that players may start in unusual positions, since this is determined by fan votes. For example, Kobe Bryant started the 2007 All Star Game as a point guard even though he is normally a shooting guard. These atypical starting positions are part of the reason that fans want to buy cheap tickets for the NBA All Star Game.

All Star Games in the NBA typically have much higher scores than regular-season games. Defense is more limited because the players attempt more offensive plays such as alley oops and slam dunks. The greater number of spectacular plays is part of the reason that cheap tickets for the NBA All Star Game are in such high demand.

Cheap tickets for the NBA All Star Game in 1999 were unavailable as this game was canceled due to the NBA’s lockout in that year. This marks the only time that an NBA All Star Game was not played. The Eastern team won the 2010 All Star Game, defeating the Western team 141-139. Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat was the Most Valuable Player for this game. The 2011 game was won 148-143 by the Western team and Kobe Bryant was the MVP. The Western team also won the 2012 NBA All-Star game 152-149, making it one of the closest All Star Games in NBA history. Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder was the MVP for the 2012 All Star Game.

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