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The Detroit Pistons have come a long way since their humble beginnings. Even though their name is a perfect match for Detroit's automotive history, they actually got their "Pistons" moniker from a piston company in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1948. Fort Wayne, however, was too small of a city to support a major team. To stanch their financial losses, the Pistons moved to Detroit in 1957.

The team performed poorly throughout its early years. Finally, in 1981, they drafted the famous Isaiah Thomas. The next year, they brought on Bill Laimbeer and Vinnie Johnson. With these three players forming the core of the team, they emerged from their malaise and began their climb to the top.

1989 and 1990 were banner years for the team, and soon, everyone was on the lookout for cheap Detroit Pistons tickets. Those tickets were very hard to find in these years thanks to the Pistons' championship victories! Far from being cheap, Detroit Pistons tickets were being scalped for a king's ransom.

Following their playoff wins, the team suffered a number of setbacks. Thomas suffered an injury that prevented him from playing at top form, and soon, he and a number of other players retired. In 1996, some thought the Pistons had jumped the shark when they changed their colors to teal, burgundy, gold and black. The "teal era" was quite unpopular with fans, and the new logo and color scheme were soon scrapped.

In 2004, the Pistons were back in the playoffs and Detroit Pistons tickets were once again worth having. People even acquired Detroit Pistons season tickets to see their favorite players take ownership of the court again and again.

Now, the Pistons enter a new era. After recent declines, there have been major changes that poise the team for a possible return to domination. New ownership is just one of the things affecting performance on and off the court. Billionaire Tom Gores' purchase of the team also includes the Palace of Auburn Hills stadium and another property.

Also in 2011, the team hired a new coach. The team posted a better record in this season, which was shortened by the NBA lockout of that year.

This makes the current season a great time to spring for Detroit Pistons season tickets. Tickets are always cheaper when they're purchased before a team is already dominating. Since the Pistons' performance is definitely improving, ticket holders are likely to see some great games at bargain prices.

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