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Michael Buble will be touring again, and when he does, Michael Buble tour tickets will go fast. Tickets for Michael Buble shows always sell out.

Relatively clean-cut and considered a class act—much like John Mayer was on his freshman record—you go to see Bublé because you want to feel good, but at the same time, you don’t want to be lied to. You want somebody to tell you that, despite all that’s going on right now, everything indeed will be okay. “It just takes a little time.”

His shows are simple, pure, and energetic, embodied by performances of songs like “Everything,” which Bublé wrote for an ex with whom he’d been with for almost a decade. This song alone is attributed to heightened sales on tickets for Michael Buble shows.

What Michael Buble sings and what Michael Buble does on stage culminate into this sense that: “Okay, here’s this regular guy that just wants to listen. He’s up on stage, and he’s a singer, but he just wants to listen and to tell me that everything’s going to be okay.” It’s this sense that fans experience that keep Michael Buble tour tickets in such high demand.

Indeed, he often does this at his shows. He’ll pick out a fan in the front row, and he’ll just chat—just plainly talk for a minute. The entire venue will stand still while the two have a normal, everyday conversation.

It’s that willingness to be plain (if that’s what he feels he is at the moment) that’s refreshing and invigorating. It’s the reason he’s got such a strong following for his shows: His honesty. This honesty is what sells Michael Buble tour tickets.

But he’s not a dweeb. He’s certainly slick. His suits are a throwback to Madison Avenue ad execs. His voice can’t help but point to Harry Connick Jr. His appeal to teens toes the same line drawn by the Beatles and boy bands over a decade ago. Sometimes you hear about fans that buy tickets for Michael Buble shows just to see Michael’s suits and to watch him dance.

His shows aren’t low budget. They’re staffed to the hilt with top-tier classically trained musicians. But unlike the boy bands of the late 1990s his dancing is honest. He’ll pivot from one end of the stage to the next and you’ll invariably see that young Elvis—only Bublé doesn’t have any daemons to exorcise.

Sadly, it’s very difficult to find good deals on cheap Michael Buble tickets. Critics say that his career’s just getting into this mode of full production, and so it’s difficult to say if there’ll ever be truly cheap Michael Buble tickets this year or next.

One tried and true way of scoring a good deal on seats to one of Michael’s shows is to swoop in on sales of cheap Michael Buble tickets its first day out. Even then, you’ll likely have to wait behind those that’ve already reserved a place in line.

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