The National Hockey League, or the NHL as it commonly referred to, is a professional hockey league that operates from its headquarters in New York City, but actually originated in Canada, and still has a variety of teams throughout Canada. The NHL is a non-profit, unincorporated organization, and is known to be one of the most popular and well known ice hockey leagues in the world. If you have ever heard of the Stanley Cup, they are referring to the award given to the NHL playoff champion at the end of each season, a trophy that is the oldest sports trophy in North American history. Seeing the Stanley Cup is one of the many reasons to find your cheap NHL game tickets here.

The NHL dates back to 1917 in Montreal, when the National Hockey Association (NHA) disbanded after having been around since 1909. In the beginning, the NHL had just 4 teams, and since then has grown to 30 teams; 7 teams in Canada, and 23 teams in the US. The most successful franchise continues to be one of the NHL teams, the Montreal Canadiens. Teams are split up into two conferences; the Eastern conference, and the Western conference. The Eastern conference has 15 teams in New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Quebec, Ontario, North Carolina, Florida, and Washington DC. The Western conference also has 15 teams, in Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, Missouri, Calgary, Colorado, Minnesota, British Columbia, California, Texas, and Arizona.The NHL tickets you buy here cheap can get you in to all the games.

There are a variety of fun and interesting facts about the NHL that you may not know, even if you have been a die-hard fan for a while. For example, the very first million-dollar contract in the history of the NHL was given to Bobby Orr in 1971, who was awarded $200,000 each season for playing with the Boston Bruins. Originally, NHL games would consist of 7 players on either side, until 1922 when the Vancouver Millionaires lost 6-0 to the Toronto St. Patricks. If you are a fan, you have definitely heard of the Zamboni, the ice resurfacing machine that makes the ice on the hockey rink smooth. However, not ever ice resurfacing machine is called a Zamboni. Zamboni is simply the brand name for the very first resurfacing machine that was invented in 1949 by Frank Zamboni. Other ice resurfacing machines by different brands are not technically Zamboni’s. Want to see it all in action? Buy NHL Hockey tickets here for cheap or find your tickets to NHL playoffs.

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