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About Billy Joel

Billy Joel is one of the greatest singer-songwriters of our time, with songs that are not only catchy and fun but also have deep-felt emotion in them. Billy Joel is a legend, and Billy Joel concerts sell out within minutes. He is a must-see performer, so don't wait to get your cheap Billy Joel concert tickets. Born in the Bronx, Billy Joel was pressured into learning to play the piano by his mother. He continued to develop both in skill and passion and began playing gigs at local bars while in high school. Because of this part time job, Billy Joel skipped classes and tests and was unable to graduate his senior year (though he completed his coursework and received his diploma 25 years later in 1992). Billy Joel was inspired to pursue a career in music by the Beatles and initially performed in various bands, but his success didn't really start building until he began his solo career. Billy Joel has had chart-topping hits for over 30 decades, including such songs as "Piano Man," "She's Always a Woman," and "She's Got a Way." Though he no longer releases new songs, Billy Joel delights his loyal fans by touring with his impressive repertoire of hits. Billy Joel concerts are a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so make sure to get your cheap Billy Joel concert tickets before they disappear!

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