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The Memphis Grizzlies is an NBA expansion team founded in 1995 as part of the Association's expansion into Canada. Therefore, its first few years were spent as the Vancouver Grizzlies. After losing money due to the 1998-99 player lockout, it was sold to Michael Heisley, who moved the team to Memphis.

The Grizzlies had to compete with another team for the right to relocate to Memphis. The Charlotte Hornets had applied to the NBA to relocate to the same city on the exact same day as the Grizzlies. Fortunately for the Grizzlies, they got the go-ahead from the NBA and became part of the Western Conference.

One interesting event that surrounded the Grizzlies' move was an attempt by FedEx to get the team to rename itself the "Memphis Express." The NBA didn't think that was such a great idea, and refused permission for the change. Their reason was that it was against their regulations for teams to be named after corporations.

Despite FedEx's failure to get its name attached to the team itself, the company did manage to get that name associated with it. The team now plays in the FedExForum, which gained its name thanks to FedEx's purchase of naming rights from the city of Memphis for $92 million. Grizzlies player Tony Allen has referred to the arena as "the Grindhouse," and the name is gaining popularity among Grizzlies fans.

Like most expansion teams, the Memphis Grizzlies got off to a rocky start after their founding. Fortunately for ticketholders, most of the team's awful seasons came while they were still in Vancouver. By the time they arrived in Tennessee, they had pretty much grown into a respectable team. In 2004, they made the playoffs for the first time.

Now, those with Memphis Grizzlies tickets can look forward to seeing a winning team in action. The team made the playoffs this year and last, and it is poised to put on a great show in the upcoming season. Thanks to its winning record, trying to find cheap Memphis Grizzlies tickets won't be easy – especially for those who wait.

To have the best chance of finding cheap Memphis Grizzlies tickets for sale, you should buy them far in advance. Secure your tickets before the season starts so you beat the rush. Buy your Memphis Grizzlies tickets right here for some of the best possible deals and great seating to see your favorite team.

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