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What baseball team was once owned by a singing cowboy, his widow, the world's most famous rodent and the first Mexican-American to own a baseball team in the United States? The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim! The baseball team has a long, colorful history just like each of its owners and players.

The team had inauspicious beginnings. It formed in 1892 and joined the Pacific Coast League in 1903, but the major league team as we know it didn't get rolling until 1961 when, under the ownership of celebrity cowboy Gene Autry, the Angles beat Baltimore 7-2. Autry owned the team for over three decades, dubbing them The Los Angeles Angels. The Disney Company purchased the team in 1999, changing the team name to the Anaheim Angels. In 2003, Arturo Moreno bought the team and changed the name to The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. To devoted fans, the team is affectionately referred to as The Halos, derived from the heavenly moniker on the team pennant.

The Angels have always had their share of fascinating and impressive players, energizing their fan base and swelling Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim tickets sales over the years. Plump first baseman Steve Bilko and tiny Albie Pearson excited fans with their showmanship and stellar plays in the 1950s and 60s. In the 70s and 80s, glamorous Bo Belinsky, Ryan Nolan and Reggie Jackson that put the team "on the map" with the 1979 playoffs and a few close calls. In 2002, the Halos won their first World Series in 2002. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim tickets are a hot commodity with such a history of excellent players and entertainers.

Despite their tempestuous season history, crowds flock the stadiums to see the Halos at play. The team is renowned for generating an extremely enthusiastic fan base at home and abroad as fans scrutinize the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim schedule for the new season. Every game opens with Train's song "Calling All Angels," and every seventh inning home game has the crowds singing "Build Me Up Buttercup." The mascot Rally Monkey whips up fans to vocalize their support when the scores are low. Every time the team wins, a 200-foot tall "A" with a halo is lit to the shouts "Light Up a Halo!" The Los Angeles Angels appeared in the 1988 comedy movie "The Naked Gun" and Disney highlighted the team in the movie "Angles in the Outfield" as the California Angels.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim is not only terrific California entertainment, though. The team's plays have improved under excellent management and the team was ranked by ESPN as #1 in professional sports teams and #4 as the best all-sports franchise in the country. Rankings were determined by stadium experience, player likability, fan attendance and coaching. When it comes to entertaining baseball and wholesome family fun, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim score the home run.

Buy cheap tickets here but be sure to check the current Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim schedule before purchasing. The most flamboyant and energetic games are played at the team's home stadium in Anaheim, although The Halos have been known to excite fans against rivals The New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Texas Rangers and their neighbors, The Los Angeles Dodgers. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim tickets sell quickly so be sure to check the schedules and get those tickets early.

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