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One of the surprising things about Little Big Town is that the band still has its original members. This is unusual in a world where some bands have more ex-members than current ones. One of the reasons for their stability may be the fact that each member alternates the lead singer position. Such an arrangement is sure to reduce the jealousy that can tear apart less cohesive groups.

The band's beginnings start in 1987, when Kimberly Roads and Karen Fairchild began singing together in Nashville. Soon, the duo picked up a male member, Jimi Westbrook. Now a trio, they took on the name Little Big Town. In 1999, the group added its fourth and final member, Phillip Sweet. Now, anyone who buys Little Big Town concert tickets sees all four performing together.

At first, it was difficult for the band to fill an auditorium with people holding Little Big Town concert tickets. This is because their first record contract didn't end up resulting in any records. Soon, they dumped this dud arrangement and signed with Monument Records. While their eponymous debut album produced some chart-making singles, it didn't rock any boats. Even though they continued to tour and perform for people with Little Big Town tickets, they ended up having to take regular jobs to make extra money in their off hours.

Soon, Little Big Town's fortunes changed for the better. They released a second album, and this one went platinum. It also produced several hit singles. The difference was most likely in the composers: For this album, the band wrote most of its own music. It's no wonder that people bought plenty of copies of this album as well as the Little Big Town tickets needed to hear the music performed live.

As is typical, the band went on tour to promote each of its albums. Their last album even got a double treatment. Along with their own tour that played to holders of tickets to Little Big Town, they toured as the opening act for Sugarland.

Now, they have released a single from their upcoming album and have started touring once again. Tickets to Little Big Town will almost surely treat you to songs from this new album along with some possible old favorites. This band is hot – be sure to buy Little Big Town tickets far in advance of their arrival in your town to get the best seats.

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