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About Zoot Suit

Zoot Suit has been lauded as making a profound impact on theater, giving volume to Latino voices that were struggling to be heard. Based on highly polarizing real events, Zoot Suit ignited the world upon its opening in 1978. It sold out its original Los Angeles run, moved to Broadway, and was reimagined into a movie. Now, Zoot Suit is returning to its debut stage. Pick up your cheap Zoot Suit tickets here to be part of the Mark Taper Forum's celebration of the Center Theatre Group's 50th Anniversary!

A timeless tale of turmoil in 1940s Los Angeles
Written by Luis Valdez, Zoot Suit spins a captivating tale of gang wars and racial tensions in Los Angeles during World War II. Henry Reyna, leader of the 38th Street Gang, enters a tangled world of violence and racism when his gang is blamed for the death of a young man at a party. In the resulting backlash, Henry and twenty-one other 38th Street Gang members are found guilty of the murder and are sent to San Quentin to serve life sentences. While George Shearer, the gang's lawyer, struggles to clear their names, Los Angeles erupts into violence. During the Zoot Suit Riots, Henry's brother Rudy is attacked because of his Chicano identity. Zoot Suit's poignant ending reminds theater-goers of the importance of fighting discrimination and celebrating diversity of voices in art.

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