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About Yanni

One of the most gifted composers of the modern era, Yanni's music transcends genre constructions to amaze listeners. Blending new age, symphony, world music, and rock, Yanni has touched a musical nerve around the world. Cheap Yanni tickets sell out fast as audiences rush to experience his captivating music live. Get your Yanni tickets here and be transported by his vision!

Paving the way for modern instrumental music

Born in Kalmata, Greece, as Giánnis Chrysomállis, Yanni developed an interest in music as a child. After graduating from university in the US, he decided to pursue music, starting his professional career. He moved to Los Angeles to write movie soundtracks and work with a band to pioneer modern instrumental music. Yanni takes traditional orchestra music and blends it with synthesizers and world music instruments to create a signature sound. In 1992, Yanni released Dare to Dream, which earned him his first Grammy nomination and cemented his rise to worldwide fame.

Transcendent concerts around the world

Yanni's music is best experienced live. He has orchestrated performances at dozens of epic historical sites around the world, including the Taj Mahal, the Forbidden City, the Egyptian pyramids, the Kremlin, and more. The taped performance Live at the Acropolis is the second best-selling music concert video in the world.


Yanni collected most of his musical influences from places in Northern Africa, and Europe. In the 1970s, with the introduction of electronic musical equipment he forged his own style and influence his stage career.

Having performed to millions of people in his career, Yanni continues to captivate the attention and hearts of listeners around the world. Cheap Yanni tickets are in high demand, so get yours today! Submerge yourself in the hypnotizing music of Yanni!