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About Newsboys

The Newsboys are one of the most popular Christian rock bands of the 1990s, with an energetic, electronic rock and roll sound and smart, catchy lyrics. Cheap Newsboys tickets disappear quickly, as fans around the world eagerly snatch them up, so don't wait to get your cheap tickets to a Newsboys concert! The Newsboys started in Australia in 1985 by a group of four teenagers. They come over to the US in 1987 to start releasing their records, but it wasn't until their 1992 album that they found success in the Christian rock scene. It was their fifth album, "Going Public," that skyrocketed them to success, and their subsequent albums continued to grow their fan base. Some of their catchy, pop-y hit singles include songs like "Take Me To Your Leader," "Spirit Thing," "Shine," and "Entertaining Angels." In the 2000s, the band recorded several worship albums, deviating from their rock roots and developing their sound. Even with a continually rotating lineup, The Newsboys have been a juggernaut in the Christian rock scene ever since "Going Public." Going to a Newsboys concert will take you through the band's musical evolution, guaranteed to keep you singing and dancing along the way. Get your cheap Newsboys tickets before they sell out!

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