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About World Football Championship

The most highly anticipated football tournament in the world, the World Cup holds the attention of football fans of every nation as thirty-two teams pour out their hearts and souls on the pitch. Be there to witness history – get your cheap World Cup tickets today!

The ultimate football dream

The organization that hosts the tournament got its start in 1904, quickly trying to establish platforms for international football matches. Over the next few decades the sport gained popularity, and in 1930 Uruguay hosted the first World Cup – and became the first champions when they defeated Argentina in front of almost 100,000 spectators. Now, the World Cup is one of the most watched international sporting events, surpassing even the Olympics. The qualification process is rigorous and long, with broken heart and newly forged dreams along the way. With the tournament taking place only once every four years, national dignity is on the line. As of 2017, Brazil currently leads the world with five trophies, followed closely by Germany and Italy, which both have four titles. The 2014 World Cup was hosted by Brazil and was attended by more than 3 million people. Germany eked out a spectacular win against Argentina and Lionel Messi with a game-winning overtime goal in the final.

The 2018 World Cup will take place in Russia, drawing tens of thousands of fans from all over the world to support their national team on towards eternal football glory. Be there to experience the thrill yourself by snagging your cheap World Cup tickets today!

The World Cup is an international soccer competition that occurs once every four years. Over the years there have been many powerhouses of the competition.

Men’s World Cup Winners

5 Titles

4 Titles

2 Titles

1 Title


The World Cup began in 1930 and has occurred every four years since then. Excluding 1942 and 1946 because of World War II. The only team to have appeared in every World Cup to date is Brazil. The World Cup is known as the most prestigious soccer tournament in the world. The cumulative audience of the World Cup reaches in the billions. With almost a billion viewers in the final match.

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