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About Wingtip

With dance music that transcends just a groovy beat to touch on universal themes, Wingtip has managed to blend together both the physical and emotional compulsions of music. As one of the hottest DJs to emerge in recent years, cheap Wingtip tickets are a hot item. Snag yours today to join in on the soulful dance party!

An inspired vision for dance music
Growing up in San Francisco, Nick Perloff-Giles began his musical career playing guitar in teenage rock bands. He longed for the creative freedom of doing his own thing, though, and he eventually made the switch to producing electronica. Retaining his instrumental background, he managed to find a niche space and implode it, emerging as the successor of dazzlingly electric disco dance beats. He started performing at co-ed parties, releasing his tracks online to drum up a fan base. In 2016 he hit mainstream success with the release of "Rewind" featuring Sophia Strauss, a groovy tune about fading love and nostalgia. As online streams soared, the single attracted the attention of music publications like Billboard and My Old Kentucky Blog. A darling courted by the top labels, Wingtip eventually signed with Republic Records to get even more feet out on the dance floor.

Wingtip concerts pulse with deep rhythms and poignant lyrics, drawing listeners to sway as they sing along. Pick up your cheap Wingtip tickets here to groove along with this rising star!