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If you long to relive or experience for the first time the glory days of Las Vegas, then Vegas! The Show is the live experience just for you. Featuring music originally performed by the likes of Elvis Presley and the infamous Rat Pack of crooners, Vegas! The Show is the only way to be sent back to the roots of Las Vegas. Watch as fabulous dancers and extravagant showgirls rock the house while live musicians provide bombastic accompaniment. The biggest, grandest show in Vegas takes audiences on a trip through the history of the most unique city in the country, from its humble beginnings to the juggernaut of entertaining and gambling that we've come to know today. Often voted the best show in Vegas, this musical extravaganza is the best opportunity to feel like you've stepped back into the past to see first-hand the glory days of American music, entertainment and decadence. Relive the greatest period in Vegas history with this one-of-a-kind show that will leave you wishing you'd been born decades before. Perfect for large groups or intimate dates, Vegas! The Show is a must-see attraction on the strip, so find your own cheap tickets as soon as possible!

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