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About Cirque du Soleil

Founded in Canada in 1984 and headquartered in Montreal, Cirque du Soleil, or Circus of the Sun, has come a long way since its modest beginnings. Considering the fact that it all began with two street performers and went on to become the single largest producer of theatrical performances on the planet, one can only imagine how much effort went into making Cirque du Soleil the gigantic success it has become in the past decade.

Best talent in the world
With a strong foundation in permanent showings in Las Vegas for several of its performances and plenty of touring acts around the globe, one would be hard-pressed to find someone who has not either attended or wants to attend a Cirque du Soleil show. Each show has its own themes, plots and inspirations, but all generally involve incredible physical feats from some of the best gymnasts, acrobats, contortionists and other circus performers in the world. Aside from the unspeakable feats achieved on stage - which you truly need to see in person to believe - Cirque du Soleil's most famous moments came in the form of rewards and recognition. For example, when it won the Rose d'OR from Eurovision in 1989 and was forever placed into the global eye.

Unforgettable atmosphere
Think of a halfway point between a circus and a Broadway play, and that atmosphere will be closest to Cirque du Soleil. The audience is generally quiet except for the sounds of disbelief and excitement when especially death-defying acts are performed. Most Cirque du Soleil shows will be great for the whole family, but some are a bit more complex, dark and potentially scary for younger children. These acrobats and gymnasts will blow your mind with their skills, fearlessness and control, and many audience members would argue that the shows can be life-changing! Depending upon which show you want to see, Cirque du Soleil will take place at varying times of the year. For example, you can go to many different Cirque du Soleil productions in Las Vegas at any time of the year. The touring acts similarly take place throughout the entire year, with stops in different cities. Some can sell out quickly, so make sure you lock down those cheap Cirque du Soleil tickets earlier rather than later. Don't miss your chance to catch Cirque du Soleil in your hometown - get your tickets today!

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