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Self-deprecating in nature, The Lonely Island has attracted attention from around the world with their hilarious comedic skits as well as comedic ballads. You do not want to miss this trio perform all their greatest hits live! Get your cheap The Lonely Island tickets today for a night of laughing so hard you will cry!

Leaving a Lasting Impact

The comedic trio got its start in the halls of a Berkeley, California junior high school. As part of a much larger group of friends, Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone broke off creating their trio. After they had graduated from high school, the three went their separate ways attending different colleges in different states, all while maintaining regular contact with each other. After graduating college all three moved back home to Berkeley where they would then decide to move to Los Angeles to begin focusing on creating a career for themselves. In 2000 they made their big move and officially named themselves The Lonely Island, after the modest apartment that the trio shared with a musician. While there they made a website where they would post short films that they would create, along with comedic rap songs that their fourth roommate helped them create. The trio created their first television series pilot in 2001, that would eventually become popular enough that the three were able to sign agents to represent them. While they were becoming moderately successful, they still had to work other full-time jobs to support themselves. They would eventually create a second episode for their show that would get bought out by a network, but it still failed to produce anything for the trio. After joining the Super Midnight Movie Club, the group was able to become exposed to more connections within the industry. They created a parody of Fox’s The O.C., called The ‘Bu, which would become a massive hit for the trio. Running for eight episodes, it showed producers in the industry that they were able to adapt to the taste of the younger generation as well as their popularity.

Saturday Night Live

Coming off the high of success from The ‘Bu, the group was able to land a pitch with the president of Fox, during which they showed their video “Just 2 Guyz” landing them a deal with the network. As they became more popular around the city they began getting more writing jobs including one for the 2005 MTV Movie Awards hosted by Jimmy Fallon. So impressed by their work, Fallon was able to land the trio an audition with Saturday Night Live. Schaffer and Taccone were hired as writers and Samberg was hired as a feature player for the show. By the end of the year, the trio had their first big hit on the show. “Lazy Sunday” aired in December and became a viral sensation overnight. With it becoming YouTube’s first viral video, the trio were also launched to fame. From that point forward, they began working with stars such as Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, T-Pain, Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar both writing pieces for them as well as performing alongside them. Some of their work has gone on to be nominated for Grammy’s although they have never secured a win. More recently the group has retired from Saturday Night Live, although they still do make occasional appearances on the show.

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