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San Diego Opera Tickets

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About San Diego Opera

The San Diego Opera is one of the leading operatic performance groups in the country. The company performs in San Diego, California and has developed a reputation for taking on strong and challenging works with some of the most talented performers in the country. The Opera was incorporated in 1965 and, over the past five decades, has attracted crowds from all over the world. The San Diego Opera is also a member of OPERA America, one of the leading voices for opera in the country. The group ranked the San Diego Opera as one of the top opera companies in the United States. The San Diego Opera continues to put on shows to this day and has another spectacular lineup for 2019.

A History of the San Diego Opera

The San Diego Opera was initially founded as the San Diego Opera's Guild in 1950. The group performed under this title until 1965, when it became incorporated. The general director at the time was Walter Herbert. He presided over the opera's growth into the 1970s, until he passed away. Over the next few decades, the subsequent directors would continue to grow the opera, adding more productions and attracting larger crowds. Eventually, the San Diego Opera gained recognition nationally and this new recognition led to increased financial stability for the opera and its performers. The current director of the San Diego Opera is David Bennett. Under his direction, the opera has tackled challenging performances and pushed the boundaries of opera itself.

The San Diego Opera Tickets in 2019

The San Diego Opera is one of the most renowned opera groups in the United States. Anyone who would like to catch a performance by the San Diego Opera should take note of their upcoming shows. While cheap San Diego Opera tickets are available, their shows are popular and the tickets tend to sell out quickly. Some of their upcoming shows include Hansel and Gretel, Aida, One Amazing Night, and Aging Musician. Make plans ahead of time to purchase tickets and catch a show! Their performances are inspirational and their singers are world-class.