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As a trio that helped define the emergence of hip hop, Salt-N-Pepa are goddesses in the musical pantheon. See these legends live by picking up your cheap Salt-N-Pepa tickets here!

Trailblazing for women in hip hop
When Cheryl James and Sandra Denton met while studying nursing in college, they weren't aware of the bright musical future that lay ahead of them. The two women, along with DJ Latoya Hanson, recorded "The Showstoppa" to help a friend with a class project, and the single got them on the radio. The trio released Hot, Cool and Vicious in 1986 under the moniker Salt-N-Pepa. When Hanson departed, Salt (James) and Pepa (Denton) brought on DJ Spinderella, who was still in high school at the time. Salt-N-Pepa were a sensation in hip hop, which was dominated by men at the time. Their single "Push It" was certified platinum and launched them to star status. Over the next decades, the group would release successful albums with hit singles like "Let's Talk About Sex," "Expression," and "None of Your Business," which won Salt-N-Pepa a Grammy Award. The trio broke up in 2002, though they performed together again in 2006. The next year VH1 started airing The Salt-N-Pepa Show, heralding the return of the group. While the trio has not yet released any new albums, they are back on stage and performing to loyal fans.

Salt-N-Pepa concerts are still a rare occurrence, so it's best to act fast to secure your spot singing along to these hip hop classics – get your cheap Salt-N-Pepa tickets today!

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