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Canadian comedian Russell Peters has been cracking up audiences for decades, selling out shows around the world. Cheap Russell Peters tickets disappear within minutes, so make sure to get your Russell Peters show tickets today! Russell Peters was encouraged by fellow comedian George Carlin to be bold and take advantage of every opportunity, which Russell Peters did. He reached instant fame when a video of his set on the Canadian comedy show Comedy Now! went viral on YouTube, a fact he referenced later in his career when he teased audiences for their illegal downloading. With a multi-ethnic background, Russell Peters makes witty and insightful commentary on race and race relations, including his own father's experience in India as a meat-inspector, in a way that is warmly received by everyone. Russell Peters works with observational comedy and once said, "I don't make the stereotypes, I just see them." Russell Peters debut comedy album, "Outsourced," was released in 2006 to commercial success. Due to his universal appeal and genuine personality, Russell Peters shows are wildly popular and have smashed records at various venues around the world. Don't wait to get your cheap Russell Peters tickets, or you may not have a chance to see this comedic superstar for yourself!

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