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Preservation Hall Jazz Band Tickets

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About Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Honoring the legacy of New Orleans Jazz, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band pulls together some of the best musicians that the city has to offer. Get your cheap Preservation Hall Jazz Band tickets today for your chance to see traditional New Orleans music live on stage!

Carrying on a Legacy

Preservation Hall Jazz Band was formed in 1963 by a husband and wife duo in New Orleans. The two had taken their honeymoon down to the city in 1961 to listen to traditional New Orleans Jazz and ended up falling in love with the French Quarter. After attending several concerts at the Preservation Hall, the two were asked if they would be interested in becoming managers for the venue, a position they quickly accepted. Starting off he began hiring local musicians to perform in the venue who were struggling either financially or in life. Alternating members regularly, the musicians formed a band that began to tour around the United States. Dubbed as a jazz band, fans of the genre would flock to their concerts to get a chance to hear traditional New Orleans Jazz in person. In 1987 the band’s original founder Allan Jaffe died of cancer, forcing his son to carry on his legacy. Playing the tuba and double bass, Ben Jaffe picked up touring where his father left off. Along the way he began to further develop educational initiatives that his father had started. In 2006 the band was awarded with the National Medal of Arts for their ageless tour of traditional New Orleans Jazz. Today the group still performs around the country and has even been featured on albums from legends such as the Foo Fighters. Get your tickets today!

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