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PAX East Tickets

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About PAX East

There has been a rise in the world of electronic gaming during the past few years and one of the most anticipated events this year is called Pax East. This is going to take place this winter in Boston. Every year, Pax East comes together to showcase some of the top indie games that nobody has ever heard of. This game showcases games across all platforms including iOS, Nintendo Switch, and Android. Then, the games come together to declare winners. Due to the rise in electronic gaming, Pax East is one of the most anticipated events of this year!

A History of Pax East

Last year, the Pax East games made waves with numerous iconic games that grabbed the attention of the entire world. One of the most popular games was called A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher. This game was produced by Ask An Enemy Studios and was made for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, Steam, Oculus, and even the Xbox One. The goal of this game is to defeat all opponents and rise to the top! It is a split-screen, single-player game. The best part is that this was only one of the numerous games that made waves at Pax East in 2019. For this reason, many people are looking forward to everything that Pax East 2020 is going to bring to the table this year in Boston. Already, people are in search of tickets for Pax East.

Tickets for Pax East are On Sale Now

Those who are interested in learning more about Pax East should know that there are cheap Pax East tickets on sale now. Given how popular electronic gaming has become, and the attention it has received, these tickets are not going to last very long. This year, Pax East is going to take place at the end of February in Boston, MA. Therefore, those who would like to participate in the Pax East games should try to buy tickets now! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn more about the great world of electronic gaming and indie games!