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The National Football League's National Football Conference Playoffs are among the most exhilarating competitions of the year in the United States, with teams competing for an opportunity to go to the Super Bowl. As past of the National Football League post-season, the NFC Playoffs began in 1970 following the NFL-AFL merger, and has grown to include four division winners and two wild car teams each year. Some of the winningest teams in the history of the game have competed during this tournament of sorts, including the Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers, all of which have storied pasts in the NFC Playoffs.

Memorable moments
Some of the more legendary teams in the NFL's history have squared off in the NFC Playoffs, giving fans incredible shows of athleticism, passion and fearlessness. For example, who could forget the 1985 NFC Championship matchup that saw running back Walter Payton's Chicago Bears shut out running back Eric Dickerson's Los Angeles Rams? Both of those men went on to the Hall of Fame. Going back a little further, "The Catch" - when San Francisco 49ers wide receiver made an impossible catch on a pass from Joe Montana in the back of the end zone to win the NFC Championship game - is among the most iconic in the sport's history. More recently, the Seattle Seahawks shocked the sporting world by taking a losing record into the playoffs and defeating the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints in the 2010 Wild Card game.

Electrifying atmosphere
Professional football games are electrifying, and the playoffs kicks the wattage up a whole lot. The atmosphere will be loud, boisterous and either joyous or shocked depending on how the home team is playing. These events are great for the whole family, just be sure to bring your home-team apparel! The NFC Playoffs might be among the most sought-after events of the year in the United States, as some of the best athletes in the world compete with complete abandon to win a trip to the Super Bowl! The NFC Playoffs generally take place between the first and final Sundays of January annually. If you want cheap NFC Playoffs tickets, though, you have to start looking early! Don't miss your chance to see the best NFL teams face off in single-elimination competitions - get your tickets to the NFC Playoffs today!

NFC Playoffs Team Schedule

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