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About NBA Preseason

Though the official NBA season usually doesn't begin until late October, the NBA Preseason kicks off a month earlier, and allows fans the opportunity to see their team's back in action with new rosters, superstars or coaches playing a series of exhibition games leading up to the tipoff of the official season.

The NBA preseason is an opportunity for teams to give playing time to new player combos as well as rookies who require some adjustment time to the bigger courts, higher pressure and great competition of professional basketball. It also allows new coaches to have real-time court time with their teams before the pressure of the season begins.

For fans, the NBA Preseason is an excellent opportunity to see their favorite team's experiment with unique strategies, new players and budding superstars as well as begin making predictions about the future of the season.

The NBA Preseason is the exciting month-long tipoff to basketball's glorious reentrance each fall— for true basketball fans, it's a must-watch introduction to the new look of the league every year, and there's never been a better time to find cheap tickets to see your team back in action for the first time. Get yours now!

NBA Preseason Team Schedule

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