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Miranda Sings is the creation of comedian Colleen Ballinger Evans — and an insanely popular creation as well. Miranda Sings is a YouTube personality that is trying a hard as she can for Internet stardom, but failing in spectacular and hilarious way. Get your cheap Miranda Sings tickets here to see one of the best satirical shows about the irresistible draw of Internet fame. Miranda Sings shows are guaranteed to have you cracking up with her narcissistic but innocent approach to the world. By the time you leave a Miranda Sings show, you'll be using her catch phrase — "Haters back off!" Colleen Ballinger Evans has created over 400 videos featuring Miranda Sings. In them, Miranda believes she is already famous and has created these videos for her adoring fans. And for anyone who takes it seriously, she dismisses as haters. The character of Miranda Sings was based off a type of girl that Colleen met in college, and the YouTube videos originally started as a hobby to enjoy with her friends. But then one of the videos went viral, and Colleen found herself with a comedy routine. The Miranda Sings YouTube channel has over 500 million views and 4.5 million subscribers, making her one of the most popular YouTubers of today. Miranda Sings shows are for anyone who's ever rolled their eyes at someone being self-important on the Internet. Get your cheap Miranda Sings tickets here today and prepare for Colleen's sharp and hilariously scathing satire.