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About Michael W. Smith

Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Michael W. Smith has wowed fans for years with his music and the performances that he puts on. Coming from a troubled past, Smith is living proof that hard work, dedication and a little bit of faith can bring you far in this world. With tickets to his concerts selling out fast, you do not want to miss your opportunity to see him live! Get your cheap Michael W. Smith tickets here today!

A Tumultuous Path

Michael W. Smith was born on October 7, 1957 in Kenova, West Virginia. Growing up in a heavily religious family, Smith began his music career through his church. He began to regularly sing in his church choir and he would occasionally accompany the singers on the piano. Although he was born and raised to be very religious, it was not until he was ten years old that he would have his awakening and become a devout follower of Christianity. Soon he would befriend an older crowd who were more serious about their faith, but as they aged and left for college before Smith he soon found himself very alone and isolated. By the time he had entered high school he was heavily involved in drugs and alcohol, so much so that it consumed his life and he got off his path with faith. While he attended college for songwriting, he would only last one semester before he dropped out and moved to Nashville to be in the center of the country music scene. Supporting himself financially as a landscaper, Smith would play in the nightclubs of Nashville with several other bands. After several years of enduring troubles with his substance abuse, he finally had a breakdown that ultimately led to him renewing his relationship with his faith. In a quick turnaround he auditioned for a contemporary Christian music group as their keyboardist. He would join the group and can be heard on their single “I Am”, he would also go on his very first tour with the group within that same year.

A Large Influence

In 1981 he was signed under Meadowgreen Music as a songwriter. Under this contract he had written numerous songs which would later become key hymnals in churches around the country. In 1983 he released his first solo album The Michael W. Smith Project, with its sequel Michael W. Smith 2 released shortly after. With his first ever album, Michael Smith would receive his first ever Grammy Award nomination. While he did not win that Grammy Award, it paved the way for him to receive the three that he would later get. Michael Smith had made quite the name for himself in the music industry, however it wasn’t until the 1990 release of the single “Place in This World” that Smith would reach mainstream success. The song would become Smith’s first of many chart-topping singles, peaking at number six on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2004 Smith began to shift his focus to begin producing more contemporary Christian albums. Releasing the first one in 2004, it debuted at number eleven on the Billboard Hot 200 Chart. The album would also go on to be nominated for a Grammy Award. Today Smith is credited for the large influence that he has had over his career, not only in songwriting as a whole but also in the Christian music genre.

Continuing to release music regularly, fans are eager to hear what this award-winning singer/songwriter has to bring to the stage. Do not miss your opportunity to see him live, get your cheap Michael W. Smith tickets here today!

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