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About Hozier

Hozier is one of the fastest rising stars on the blues and indie rock scene, propelled to immediate success by his wildly popular and emotional singles. Cheap Hozier tickets sell out within minutes as his success continues to grow, so don't wait — get your Hozier concert ticket today!

Overnight Sensation

Hozier was born as Andrew Hozier-Bryne on March 17,1990. He hails from Ireland, where he grew up heavily influenced by his father's love of blues music. By the age of fifteen he was writing and performing his own music. He would go on to study music at Trinity College in Dublin, although halfway through his first year he would drop out to begin recording demos. Always involved in music, Hozier was a part of several groups including Anuna choral ensemble, and the Trinity Orchestra. In July of 2013 he released his debut EP entitled “Take Me to Church”, which instantly went viral making Hozier an overnight success. The song has gone on to be nominated for several awards including a Grammy for the song of the year, and it has also been certified multi-platinum. It's been his most popular single to date, and he's performed it on numerous occasions, including at the Grammy Awards with Annie Lenox. His other songs have just as much lyrical beauty and delicately wrought emotion, including songs like "Like Real People Do," "Cherry Wine," and "Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene."

New Music

After taking a year off from music, Hozier came back to the scene with a new Ep called Nina Cried Power. With a total of four singles released on this new record, Hozier is back making a splash in an industry he once dominated with a single song. In December of 2018, Hozier announced that he would be going on tour to support his newest LP; Wasteland, Baby! With this announcement he hinted at the possibility of a complete album being dropped coinciding with the schedule for his upcoming tour. With over 26 scheduled stops on the tour, fans can see Hozier everywhere from Nashville to Spokane. The tour begins on March 10th and will run through to April 14th.

Hozier's rise to stardom is one of the more remarkable stories of talent going viral on YouTube, but his complex and masterfully-crafted music continues to support his growing popularity. Get your cheap Hozier concert tickets before they all disappear! Secure your spot at a Hozier concert today.