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Hot 97 Summer Jam Tickets

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About Hot 97 Summer Jam

Hot 97 Summer Jam is one of the hottest hip hop music festivals of the year. Make sure to get your cheap Hot 97 Summer Jam tickets before they all sell out! Originally started in San Francisco, the Summer Jam moved to the East Coast in 1994. The Hot 97 Summer Jam festival is a celebration of hip hop and rap music. The festival is held in the MetLife Stadium, where both the New York Giants and New York Jets play football. Hosted by New York radio station Hot 97 FM, the Summer Jam gets more and more popular every year. There's nothing quite like the atmosphere of the Hot 97 Summer Jam, when people gather to celebrate their shared love of music. Cheap Hot 97 Summer Jam tickets go fast as fans snatch them up to see their favorite artists. In past years of the festival, fans have gathered to see hip hop and rap greats such as 50 Cent, Nicki Minaj, Wu-Tang Clan, and Iggy Azalea. Going to a music festival isn't just about the great artists, of course. It's also about the people you meet there and the memories you make after the speakers have been turned off! You don't want to wait to get your cheap Summer Jam tickets — it's definitely going to be a festival to remember!