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Femme It Forward Tour Tickets

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About Femme It Forward Tour

One of the growing sensations in the entertainment industry for 2019 is the Femme It Forward musical event that features a fantastic collaboration of women in the R&B, rap, hip hop, and even comedy genres who come together for an event that is unlike others. During the tour, the overall performance consists of traditional music performances by audiences, as well as comedy stand up acts that focus on women and their attributes to the entertainment industry. Panel discussions are also a part of the performance, as a way for the audience to interact with the performers. See top powerhouse female performers take the stage, order your cheap Femme It Forward tickets today!


With all of the latest attributes that women have made in the music and entertainment industry over the last five years, founders of Femme It Forward thought that a tour of these successful and empowering women across the nation would highlight these achievements. The time to develop a tour that would spark a movement would be 2019. Such a tour would allow women the highlight and headline of a tour that would advocate their accomplishments and allow the audiences to connect with them. The founders of the tour decided to feature artists such as Cardi B, Jill Scott, and the City Girls among the numerous women planning to perform throughout the tour. 

2019 Femme It Forward Tour

The self-titled tour, Femme It Forward, will feature the leading women in the comedy and entertainment industries that are making music and entertainment as a way to impact and promote the recent benefits of women within these industries, and highlight those who are responsible. This tour is the first of its kind for the group and will highlight several formats throughout the show. For those who are seeking cheap Femme it Forward tour tickets, the time is now to begin making your purchase. The tour will continue down the East Coast of the United States, and also into the southwest area to include Texas. Expect this tour to continue through the summer months and into the fall season before its conclusion. Because it will headline several artists, many hosting locations will be found in the larger venues. You do not want to wait to get your cheap tickets though, order yours now before they are gone!