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Espinoza Paz is a Grammy-nominated Latin artist and one of the premier composers for Mexican regional music. When he was 11 he wrote his first love song for his crush — and two years later, he had written twenty songs. Espinoza Paz frequently traveled between the US and Mexico, but with the devastating loss of his mother, he returned to Mexico to pursue music. His approach was similar to that of a wandering bard. He would play where he traveled, in bars or with bands, always working on his own music as he tried to communicate his experience. He first found success as a songwriter, working with a popular Sinaloan banda singer. The songs Espinoza Paz wrote for him became immensely popular. Espinoza got a break of his own when he met Martin Fabian, a powerhouse in the Mexican music industry, who helped him along in his career. With this development, Espinoza Paz's career took off. He's released over ten albums and countless smash hit singles, including songs like "El Proximo Viernes," "Perdi la Pose," and "Lo Intentamos." Espinoza Paz concerts are a breath-taking experience as he sings to you about the hardships and joys of his life, so don't wait to get your cheap Espinoza Paz concert tickets. Buy them today to secure your spot at the Espinoza Paz concert near you!

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