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About Eminem

Eminem may be one of the most charismatic rappers ever seen on the international world stage, the embodiment of energy, emotion, and raw talent. Cheap Eminem tickets are nearly impossible to find, selling out within minutes, as fans flock to his exceptional shows. Get your cheap tickets today to an Eminem concert near you. Growing up in Detroit, Eminem's started rapping when he was 14. He started to compete in rap battles and gain a following in the underground hip hop audiences. He struggled to achieve commercial success, but things began to chance with the release of his EP "Slim Shady." Eminem's songs are catchy, but the words reflect a constant struggle to survive and many mainstream users rejected his music as offensive. One of Eminem's struggles was with drug addiction. After years of addiction and a deadly overdose, Eminem voluntarily checked in to rehab to get clean. Now, instead of doing drugs, Eminem runs miles and miles every day. In 2002 Eminem starred in a movie based on his own life, "8 Mile," which was warmly received as giving a glimpse into his difficult escape from poverty. Eminem's style has always been recognized for its fast, accurate rhymes and tortured lyrics. Going to an Eminem concert is a once-in-a-lifetime immersive experience. Get your cheap Eminem concert tickets today and pretend you're heading out to one of his early rap battles.